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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why can't CitePayUSA find my information?

    CitePayUSA needs to have the information entered as it was recorded in the court. Take extra care to enter in the numbers and/or letters exactly as they appear on your citation or case document, including any leading zeros in numbers. Remember that you must have both the citation number and the defendant birth date or the case number and the defendant birth date to complete the transaction.

    Sometimes the courts need a few days after a citation is issued to get it entered into the system. If you feel that your information should have been entered by now, and you still can't get CitePayUSA to display it, contact CitePayUSA and we'll try to help you find your case.
  • I can find my information, but CitePayUSA won't allow me to select it for payment.

    Online payments are usually allowed for citations that do not require a court appearance, and payment is received by the date specified on the citation, or if you have appeared and the court has entered sentence. If you believe you should be able to pay online and cannot do so, you should contact the court to resolve the issue.
  • I paid my balance online. Now I can't see it listed any more.

    CitePayUSA only shows information on items that have not been resolved. After you pay your case online, it's considered resolved, so it no longer appears on your listing.
  • Where do I find my citation number?

    It is printed on your ticket. Please review the on-screen instructions and the picture of typical citations for your court for details on finding and entering your citation numbers.
  • Where do I find my case number?

    The case number is created by the court when it opens a new matter. If you received a citation but have not yet appeared in court for it, you might not have received your case number yet. If you have received any legal documents from the court regarding your case, they will usually have the case number listed at the top of the first page. If you do have a case number, make sure to enter it using the format shown on CitePayUSA, with all the hyphens and leading zeros for numbers.
  • Why is there an extra fee?

    CitePayUSA, a services offering of Justice Systems, Inc., charges a non-refundable Payment Service Fee to use its online payment service. This service allows you to make a payment 24 hours a day from anywhere with Internet access. This fee is separate from the primary obligation you are paying. The amount of the service fee is clearly displayed before you are asked to authorize the payment and is included in the "Payment Total" amount displayed on the payment confirmation page.
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